a couple, the man in a wheelchair, look at chocolate in the Royal gallery in Brussels

WheelTribe Belgium

Bruges buildings by photographer Jan D'Hondt
A captivating destination with surrealistic delights

Discover the unexpected in Belgium

Belgium is a treasure trove of surprises for travelers of all abilities. Known for its rich history, world-famous chocolate, and vibrant cities, there's so much more to discover beyond the usual highlights. 
With a range of accessible experiences across the country, you'll find plenty to enjoy whether you're exploring the cobbled streets of Bruges, the buzzing music and art scene of Brussels, or one of the lively festivals in Ghent.

We've chosen Belgium because it offers an impressive array of less known accessible attractions - and we have some great local hosts who will give you the best tips. From the quirky Atomium in Brussels to the carefully designed accessible trails in the Ardennes forests, the best music festivals and venues - and the Belgian coast, where many beaches are equipped with accessible pathways and special all-terrain wheelchairs.

On the WheelTribe Belgium page, you'll find accessible accommodation, practical information, and tips to organize your next Belgian adventure. We got your attention?

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