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What if all the details for your perfect holiday, tailored for your needs and to your personal taste for life, were gathered in one convenient location?

And what if you could reach out to other travellers - and to locals - to get the best insights on how to make the most of your holiday?

Whether you meticulously plan every step, seek great deals on accessible accommodations, or simply browse for inclusive family-friendly activities, WheelTribe has everything you need—and more!

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Why WheelTribe?

What exactly is an "accessible destination"? 

At WheelTribe, we see it as a vibrant exchange between travelers and locals, sparking a unique energy and creating experiences that weren’t possible before. 

Our accessibility experts meticulously map and review top activities, while also uncovering hidden gems known only to locals. But you can also have an active role and recommend the best places you know to others, and answer their questions.

WheelTribe is more than a platform—it's a community of persons with disabilities, their families, friends, and allies, all working together to forge truly inclusive destinations. 

A WheelTribe is a place you can truly feel welcomed.